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07-08 February 2023 – 3rd Transnational Meeting Athens, Greece

The 3rd transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ AgroBUS project took place in Athens, Greece, on 07-08 February 2023, where the project partners met and discussed the state of implementation and development of the intellectual fruits developed within this partnership.

The project team also discussed issues related to the management and implementation of the future national piloting sessions of the curriculum developed within the project and presented the interface of the e-learning platform to be developed in the next period. The partners discussed and decided how they would like the training content to look within this e-learning platform.

The issues of dissemination and promotion of the products developed within the project were also discussed, as well as the further elaboration of the analysis of urban agriculture stakeholders involved in the implementation of our project.


It was a meeting that achieved all its objectives!!!

1st Newsletter: Our Project's initial transnational meetings & seminars !

11-14 October 2023 - AgroBUS: Trainer the Trainers - Porto, Portugal

From 11 to 14 October 2023, the training course for adult educators of the AgroBUS project took place in Porto, Portugal. The event focused on “How to create a start-up business in urban agriculture”.

The aim was to raise awareness among the 10 trainers about local community development, community engagement, and the local environmental impact of an Urban Agriculture business.

It was so great to share experiences and knowledge about urban agriculture, interculturality, community development, and communication!


We also had the opportunity to chat with Diógenes Dinis, a professional connected to agriculture for many years and who has built his own business with his family. Dinis shared with us the difficulties of running an agricultural business in Portugal, the challenges, his daily life, and also what motivates him to work every day in this field.

Sept-Oct 2023 - AgroBUS: National Piloting Sessions

From September to October 2023, AgroBUS project partners had to organize local piloting sessions of the first intellectual output developed within the project – In-Service Training for Adult Educators – A Trainer Guide, during which the institutions involved in the project tested and evaluated the content of the developed training material. A number of 60 educators, trainers, and professionals working with low-skilled and low-qualified adults were involved in this phase, and each partner had to test 1 or 2 modules of the developed training program.

28 & 29 June, 2022 – 2nd Transnational Meeting – Novo Mesto, Slovenia

On 28-29 June 2022 the second transnational meeting of the AgroBUS project, organized by assoc. DRPDNM and attended by representatives of all 5 European partner organizations.

During this meeting, the consortium partners discussed the implementation stages and the development of the intellectual results, with a focus on OI1 – Strat-up in Urban Agriculture (A Trainer Guide). Each partner presented the developed material for feedback and recommendations from the project partners. At the same time, the deadline for the submission of the final material from all partners and the timeframe for the national pilot sessions to test the developed material were set.

The University of Life Sciences in Iasi, Romania presented the proposed structure for the elaboration and development of the IO2 – Curriculum for the Born Agricultural Entrepreneur, with each partner being allocated a module to elaborate and develop. The proposed deadlines for the implementation of this outcome were also presented, with the project partners agreeing on a natural calendar of events.

The dissemination plan and online promotion channels of the project were also discussed during this meeting – the state of development of the presentation website, the monitoring and evaluation plan as well as the exploitation and sustainability plan.

The second day of the transnational meeting was dedicated to a study visit to a site in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where we visited three models of good practice in urban agriculture: Krater laboratorij, Agrodivizija, Abandoned Plants Sanctuary.

It was a successful meeting, full of beneficial results for the development of the project!

June 2022 - Infographic

The consortium of the AgroBUS project, funded by the European Union, consists of Slovenian, Romanian, Greek, and Portuguese partners. In the next two years, we will contribute our knowledge, ideas, and efforts to create a friendlier society and a better future for many adults from our area, knowing that investing in the community is the best investment in the future of any society.

We hope that with our project we can open some new perspectives for employment and business opportunities and at the same time help to maintain the connection between the natural and the urban environment.


01 April 2022 - Kick-off Meeting - Online

On 01 April 2022, CICIA organized and participated in the first official online meeting of the Erasmus+ KA2 project, AgroBUS – AgroBusiness in Urban Areas.

This meeting took place online as a result of the pandemic period we are all going through.

During this meeting, we discussed the topic of the project, the specific tasks of each partner, and the intellectual results established in the project. At the same time, each partner of the consortium made a short presentation of the organization they represent and the project team involved in the implementation of the AgroBUS project.

It was a successful and successful meeting! We are glad that we managed to create a strong and close partnership, and that we can address a topic of great interest in this period of unrest for everyone!

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