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Development of EU Urban Farmer strategy toolkit for a new entrepreneur

EU Urban Farmer strategy toolkit for a new entrepreneur

The toolkit will support the Adult Educators, who work with adults, aiming toward their training. The purpose of this Toolkit is to show the set of approaches and methodologies that can be used in Europe to support adults (especially low-skilled and low-qualified adults), who would like to start a business in the Urbane Agriculture field. This toolkit will be designed as an accessible document that can be used by professionals and adult educators. The Toolkit will also include a course of action for the experts on how to intercept, involve, activate, and train disadvantaged adults (with an accent on low-skilled and low-qualified adults), in order to reactivate in them the idea that there is a path of improvement and that through that path it is possible to go towards the exit from the condition disadvantage. The toolkit will:

  • evolve the expert’s skills
  • support experts to motivate and encourage adults
  • attract more adults and stimulate them to engage in entrepreneurial activities
  • offer the opportunity to guarantee the participation of adults from different backgrounds, including the most disadvantaged


This will include an elaborate program to support experts (through various activities: study visits, workshops, integration into the labor market, and development of their competencies). The educational materials can be applicable and useful for all experts around Europe as they provide guidance to educators and professionals working with adults.

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