Project Result 4

Best practises in Urban Agriculture

European Urban Farmers– Models of Best Practices/Case Studies (videos)

A set of video interviews with some great examples of urban farming businesses to boost motivation and inspiration which can demonstrate and evidence how Urban Agriculture Entrepreneurs are experienced like business, but also highlighting their involvement in the community developing.


Best Practice Romania #1 - Mărțișor Community Orchard

Best Practice Romania #3 - Neamt Neculai and Ana Vegetable Garden

Best Practice Romania #3 - Iasi Public Services

Best Practice Romania #4 - Adamachi Farm Iasi


Best Practice Slovenia #1 - Red Cross Novo Mesto (Rdeči križ Novo mesto)

Best Practice Slovenia #2 - Zavod Čebela's Urban Bee Center


Best Practice Portugal #1 - Cogumelos do Migas

Best Practice Portugal #2 - Vacaria de Braga


Best Practice Greece #1 - Organization Earth Interview

Best Practice Greece #2 - Urban Vineyard Athens IFIKE

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