Project Result 2

A Curriculum for Nascent Agriculture Entrepreneurs

This project result aims to educate up-and-coming urban agriculture business owners in vital topics of entrepreneurship. These are market relations, marketing, fundamental business plan but also sustainability and ethics. The content is available both into presentations and guides, templates and real-life examples of successful businesses and launches of similar entrepreneurial plans. The material is integrated in the e-learning platform and is organized in learning modules.

These learning modules are as follows:
* What is entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial activity
* Business idea & Business Plan in Urban Agriculture
* Economic framework for a successful business
* Branding, ethics, communication and responsibility in Urban Agriculture
* Marketing and Market relations
* Sustainability in urban agriculture entrepreneurship

To discover more about Urban Entrepreneurship and to identify some business plan models, please visit our website on Resources

Below you can find the final version of PR2

Below you can find the visual map

In order to ease your path in the mysteries of urban agriculture, we prepared a short canvas board/map - material useful for trainers, as well as adult educators in the process of teaching elements of entrepreneurship in urban agriculture

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