Project Result 2

Development of a Curriculum for Nascent Agriculture Entrepreneurs

A Curriculum for Nascent Agriculture Entrepreneurs

The aim of this result is the creation of entrepreneurship training for vulnerable groups with a strong focus on urban farming and sustainable development. The target group is represented by potential entrepreneurs from vulnerable groups like low-skilled groups and groups with low qualifications. AgroBUS curriculum aims to equip adults with the competencies needed for the creation of new business-oriented initiatives in Urban Agriculture. The purpose of this course is to help the learners to understand entrepreneurship, definitions of entrepreneurship in the field of Urban Agriculture, the role of entrepreneurship in creating small and medium enterprises, their function, and the importance of entrepreneurship in the national economy, a market economy, etc. The topics covered by this curriculum are:

  • the importance of soft skills on disadvantaged adults
  • Identify the attributes of entrepreneurs in UA
  • Motivation and entrepreneurial competences
  • Market: detect customer groups relevant to the business idea; analyze their demands and behaviors; choose the right market research approach to get; insights into customers’ thinking and decision making
  • Business Model Canvas: Customers, Value, Relationships, Distribution, Activities, Resources, Partners, Costs, Revenue
  • Institutional Entrepreneurship and Urban planning, Future of smart cities

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