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In-service Training for Adult Educators – Start Up in Urban Agriculture (A Trainer Guide)

This Trainer Guide includes a course of action for the experts on how to intercept, involve, activate, and train disadvantaged adults with an accent on low-skilled and low-qualified adults, in order to reactivate in them the idea that there is a path of improvement and that through that path it is possible to go towards the exit from the disadvantage condition.

The guide supports Adult Educators, who work with adults, aiming toward their training.

Through this trainer guide, the AgroBUS consortium provides a series of approaches and methodologies that can be used in Europe to support adults (especially applied to low-skilled and low-qualified adults), who would like to start a business in the Urbane Agriculture field.

This Trainer Guide is structured into 6 modules with very relevant importance for the field of Urban Agriculture with some specific topics like:

  • What is a Start-Up in Urban Agriculture?
  • Analysis of the local community context: the SWOT analysis (already started it)
  • Design creative thinking. The creation stages of the UA project
  • Organizational aspects of involving the community
  • Interculturality
  • Communications


Find the trainer guide here:

In-service training for adult educators A Trainer Guide

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